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Storytellers are among the most influential artists in the world. Good writers become good storytellers because they learn to express themselves clearly and creatively. The benefits of writing are not reserved for good writers. Writers, good and bad, use writing as a tool to sharpen their minds, improve leadership skills, and find some happiness. Some even use writing to help them deal with past traumas. In short, everyone benefits from writing. 

Understanding Oneself & Sharpening The Mind
Generally speaking, writers learn better.. Writers are deep thinkers and aren’t afraid of a little mental exercise. When people think deeply, they find new ways to communicate those thoughts. Writers are good readers and researchers; what they write is often dependent on what they read. Writers are better at communicating because they have spent so much time searching for the proper words to describe their feelings and experiences.  Regardless of why you write, it’s important to be clear about your purpose

It iso important to understand oneself as a writer. It can not only help inspire writing ideas in the future, but can help improve one’s ability to create strong writing pieces. Writing is an active process that also fosters your own personal, emotional and intellectual development.Additionally, writing sharpens the mind. This benefit continues even into our more advanced years. Clear writing requires focus. 

Increases Happiness Through Human Connection
There are a number of ways that writing can not only help to increase happiness, but can also improve one’s feeling of human connection. Various expressive writing exercises help reduce stress and improve mood and general well-being. Writing out goals helps one stay motivated. Even blogging has psychological benefits. Weekly sessions of writing about their blessings help people maintain a more positive outlook of the future. All these benefits aside,  writing should never be a forced exercise.

Readies Better Leaders
Regular writers receive their fair share of criticism, both positive and negative. The positive feedback makes them happy, and the negative feedback makes them better. Not only do they become better writers, but they develop a thick skin. While being a good writer is not a prerequisite for being a good leader, thick skin is necessary. Seen this way, writing is time well invested. 

Past Trauma
Studies have shown that writing about past trauma helps people with acceptance. However, this writing should not be done in an unnatural or forced way.  Writing about traumatic experiences in this way can make people more depressed. Many people say that writing about their trauma helps them come to terms with what happened and stop blocking it out. 

There are countless ways that writing can benefit someone. The next time you are getting ready to write something, think about these benefits and how you can build on them. This can not only help with improving your writing skills, but can foster your personal and professional growth.. Remember tomake time for writing efforts, especially if you have personal and professional experiences that lend themselves to interesting topics for others to explore.